Lady Gaga LIVE in London 2014 Tickets!

Lady Gaga is coming to the London O2 Arena this October with her sell out tour – The Artpop Ball – and you could be there to see her perform LIVE thanks to the PartyOnCam Live Music Tickets that are available NOW!!

Get your tickets NOW for Lady Gaga Live in London and 1 nights stay in a London City Centre hotel where you can soak up the atmosphere, view the city and then head to the London O2 Arena to watch the world famous Lady Gaga Live in her new Artpop Ball Tour.

Since Gaga first hit the charts in 2008 she has sold record numbers of tickets and tours thanks to her number 1 hits all over the world. Watch Lady Gaga perform in the London O2 Arena with this excellent ticket deal which includes 1 nights stay with bed and breakfast and a ticket to see the amazing Lady Gaga LIVE!

Lady Gaga performing LIVE at the XFactor! Now you can have the chance to watch Lady Gaga Live in London this year with her new Artpop Ball Tour with 1 nights stay in a London City Centre hotel with breakfast for only £159.00!!

Sign up fast for these tickets as there are only a few left! The Tickets are available for the 23rd and 25th of October 2014. Get your tickets now and enjoy one of the best live performers in the world with the Lady Gaga LIVE at London 2014 tickets. 

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