Brit Awards Controversial Moments

Tonight millions of music fans from all over the world will tune in and watch the famous Brit Awards LIVE from the London O2 Arena. At this very moment celebs and music super stars are in their final rehearsals, make up or the bar in preparation for what always proves to be an entertaining evening of live music and television.

Over the last 37 years of British Music, The Brit Awards have given music fans some of the best entertainment on TV. Whether it was Blur winning 4 Brit awards in one night, Adele’s amazing performance of “Someone Like You” or ¬†Gerri Halliwel in her iconic Union Jack dress, we certainly do have a lot to thank the Brits for.

As well as providing us with excellent musical performances, the Brit Awards have also given us some incredible and controversial moments. Nervous hosts battling with boozed up celebs, swearing on live tv and long winded or bizarre acceptance speeches are just a few examples of what is to be expected during this great awards ceremony.

Here are some of the best entertaining and controversial Brit Awards moments -

Ali G presents Macy Gray with Best International Female Award

Who better to award the Best International Female Award than controversial character Ali G! Ali G announces his love for the female nominees and tells Davina McCall that he is going to “bone” Britney Spears.

Robbie Williams Challenges Liam Gallagher to a live televised fight

Robbie Williams challenged Noel Gallagher from Oasis to a live televised fight after winning¬†Best British Single and Best Video for “She’s the One”. Both Robbie and Noel had been trading insults in the press after Noel Gallagher had called Robbie Williams “the fat dancer from Take That”

Peter Kay calls Liam Gallagher a “K*ob Head”

After winning Best Brits Album of the past 30 years, Liam Gallagher surprisingly showed up to collect the award. After what looks like a “few” too many shandies back stage, Gallagher (who is never far away from controversy) thanks his band mates and brother Noel, declares his fans are “the best fans in the f**king world”, then throws the microphone into the crowd and gives his award away to a member of the crowd. After a 10 minute delay to find the lost mic, host Peter Kay declares to the crowd “What a K*ob Head”

Adele cut off during her acceptance speech

In 2012 The Brits organisers were forced to apologise to Adele who was cut off during her acceptance speech by host James Corden in order to allow Blur to play out the show. Adele who had just won the ‘British Album of the Year’ award was noticeably annoyed at the fact she could not finish her speech and raised her middle finger as a gesture to the show producers.

Who knows what tonights Brit Awards have in store for us, we can only wait and see…


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